Bicycle Losa ELT17

Bicycle Losa ELT17

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Technical Details

Material: Full Carbon Torayca ® t800s
Lay-up (fiber direction): UD (unidirectional)
Weight of the raw frame: 860 gr. (Size M)
Weight of the raw fork: 380 gr.
Measurements: 5 size (44cm, 47cm, 50cm, 54cm, 58cm)
Tapered steering Series: 1 ” 1/8 upper bearing, 1” 1/2 lower bearing
Bottom bracket: BB86
Groupset: Shimano traditional or DI2

Категория: Бренд:

Model of 2017, also marketed in 2019

Frame Kit Type: Endurance

Materials of the highest quality. Use of unidirectional carbon fiber with high degree of tensile strength Torayca® t800s. the chosen material contributes to increase the impact resistance to avoid breaks of the frame.

Optimization of driveability. The ELT17 model mounts a tapered steering Series: 1 “1/8 upper bearing, 1” 1/2 lower bearing. This solution ensures optimal handling of the chassis.

Mixed stiffness comfort. The geometries of the ELT17 model have been developed to make the parts where the power transfer takes place between the runner and the frame rigid in order to minimize energy waste. The frame has also been designed to make the rider’s comfort optimal.

Very low weight. The geometries of the ELT17 model have been developed to minimize the weight of the frame without detracting from safety. The weight of the raw frame size M (50cm) is only 860 gr.

Top aerodynamics. The ELT17 project was born with the concept of minimizing the resistant impact of the air flow on the frame. Optimizing the aerodynamics of the ELT17 model goes through full inner cable technology and tube design.

Elegant design and Liveries. The design of the ELT17 model is based on the elegance of the shapes and the liveries have been designed to enhance the shapes through the combination of geometries and colors.

Frame kit warranty extended to 5 years. The high quality standard of the frame kit allows us to extend the conventional warranty provided by law.